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Womb Pillar Candle WS


Image of Womb Pillar Candle WS
  • Image of Womb Pillar Candle WS
  • Image of Womb Pillar Candle WS

🌙 Wholesale Includes 10 White Womb Pillar candles in total | All wholesale items ship in 2 weeks or less | Dressed in Herbs and Crystals

🌙 Cost per candle at wholesale is 17.00 x 10 = 170.00 | Wholesale means you can resale or use as gifts for the holidays. Shipping cost is 14.00 in total per wholesale box. I suggest you order wholesale items apart from your personal orders.

🌙 We are not liable for broke items and will not be replacing them. Please contact USPS for damages. We will package items well for you to avoid damage. If 1-2 candles do break we will replace up to 2 candles.

This candle is made to help you release and transmute at the DNA & RNA levels with a powerful affirmation for you to read before you light the candle.

DNA carries our blue print and our RNA is the action that carries out the blue print. Always call on your spirit and guide to help you locate, release and transmute any negative energy that maybe stuck in your womb and your blood line.

Each candle comes topped with herbs and crystals. Please do not leave candle unattended or near anything that can catch a fire. Spiritual Junky is not liable for any damages.