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Shungite Detox Face Wash


4 Oz

🖤 NEW & IMPROVED Detox Face Wash!!!

✅ Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: soothe irritated skin, anti-acne, skin Nourishing and helps with eczema.

✅ Tea Tree Essential Oil: anti-acne, antibacterial and helps shrink pores.

✅Bentonite Clay: how does with detoxing the skin.

✅ Shungite: rejuvenates the skin
cleanses and detoxifies the skin
relieves inflammation, rashes of sensitive skin.

Shungite helps with skin allergies & eczemas. It can remove up to 97% of bacteria from the skin. Has antioxidant effects removes the dead skin cells

Shungite soap is great also for your moon rituals. Because let's hope it's black it's great for new moon rituals and also for full moon rituals to help with release.