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Vegan Meal Plan


40 RECIPES = .64cents a recipe

If you’re serious about your health and are ready to get creative then grab your vegan meal plan! It comes with a nice shopping list, cooking instructions, scan code for myfitnesspal app, weekly meal plan calendar, & macro numbers.

I created this for my detoxers but decided to offer it to you all at a super affordable price of 30.00!!!! And If you click the pics I’ve given you 2 recipes to start. ( please give me 24hr to email you the meal plan. I’ll be using email provided on your order) If you are a detoxer you can have this for free. Please dm me in our private fb group.

I still suggest you please do our 30 day detox to help flush out parasites and glyphosate. Go to our detox tab for more info.

Tip: when making these recipes you can make double to meal prep for a few day’s. It’s nice to be prepared. If you’re a part of $5 patreon tier there’s is 4 weeks of meals plans for you. No excuse loves! Enjoy the healthy life!

Warning: Please follow copyright rules. Do not use for resale. Do not edit or change anything on the meal plan. Do not reuse as personal content or repurpose content. This is for your personal use.