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Smudge Spray


All sprays are vegan - no toxins - 2 oz

Face | Body | Spray Scared Space

Smudge Spray: shungite water, black tourmaline for protection , sea salt, sage and rosemary oil.

Use to clean out negative energy. Spray on crystals, self, ritual tools, etc. Cant burn sage at work, hotel or car? This is the perfect spray. If you touch several ppl like a hair stylist, massage therapist, or any other work? Spray your hands to clear energy. Spray around your aura.

Also great to use as a face toner. Shungite water is amazing for cell regeneration.

Skin Benefits Rosemary Oil
Hydrates Skin
Controls Sebum Production
Fights Acne
Soothes Skin

Skin Benefits For Sage Oil
Heal Wounds

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