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Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone


Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties
All healing crystals possess energy that can aid our physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. As one of the blue gemstones, lapis lazuli crystal brings serenity, inspiration, and wisdom.

Physical Healing

Physically, lapis lazuli healing may help with relieving insomnia, inflammation, and throat problems. Additionally, lapis is said to give a boost to the nervous system, respiratory system, and immune system.

Emotional Healing

The emotional lapis lazuli benefits revolve around communication, both with ourselves and others. The stone can help us examine the truth behind our pain and accept it without judgment. From there, lapis brings out a genuine confidence in our abilities.

Beyond the individual benefits, lapis can make us better listeners. The stone reminds us to speak with empathy and put our relationships above our urge to be right.

Chakra Healing

The lapis lazuli chakra belongs to the throat chakra. As the chakra where we find our inner truth and express it to the world, the blue “Stone of Truth” only makes sense, right?

When our throat chakra is blocked, we feel restricted. We may silence ourselves out of fear and struggle to find meaning. When lapis lazuli unblocks this chakra, we can access our deepest truth and share that truth to make meaningful change in our lives.

Balancing Energy

The modern world seems to constantly find new ways to overwhelm us. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to do “everything” that we end up burned out. Luckily, using lapis lazuli metaphysical properties can get us back on track.

Achieving a more centered, balanced life is best done through meditation. Meditating with lapis lazuli can clear away all the thoughts fogging up your brain, allowing you to evaluate what’s holding you back without judgment. From there, the stone’s wisdom-enhancing properties can help you chart a path toward fulfillment.

Spiritual Energy

Spiritually, lapis lazuli may provide insight and access to psychic abilities. In Buddhism, lapis corresponds to the “Medicine Buddha,” who heals spiritual suffering.

Many believe lapis can facilitate spiritual journeys or astral travel. By helping you access your deepest self, lapis can uncover hidden spiritual abilities.

Aside from its spiritual properties, what are the important lapis lazuli properties to keep in mind when shopping around?

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Properties
When shopping for gemstones, knowing what influences the stone’s value is crucial. You can avoid getting duped and feel confident in your decision by keeping the stone’s gemstone properties in mind.

For lapis lazuli, the important value factors are the stone’s color, clarity, cut, and treatments.


Lapis lazuli color is the result of the minerals of its composition and plays the most important role in the stone’s quality. Lazurite’s sulfur content gives the stone its striking blue color, and varying amounts of sulfur lead to different shades of blue.

The gold speckling or color zoning is due to pyrite, while calcite causes white spotting or streaking. Many jewelers claim the best specimens have rich blue surfaces with a sprinkling of pyrite flecks.

Among similar gems, lapis lazuli is the most sought-after opaque blue stone.