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Hormone Balancing Body Oil


1oz • I'm Glass Dropper Bottle • FOR MEN & WOMEN

This is a very gentle oil to help bring hormonal balance. While using this oil please make sure you are drinking eight glasses of water and pairing it up with our lymphatic tea will help with results.

There are many things I can throw our hormones off and that is using majority of conventional body products, coffee (try our coffee alternative), caffeine in general, sugary drinks. Give your best to reframe from these while trying to balance your hormones.

💥Clary Sage, balances estrogen
💥Thyme, improves progesterone production for men and women.
💥Tulsi, balances cortisol, supports adrenals, adaptogenic for stress.
💥Sandalwood, balance is testosterone for men and women.
⚠️ this oil is not to be taken orally it is only for the body. The oil will be entering through your lymphatic system to help balance hormones.

✅Rub the oil on bottoms of feet, behind your ears, collarbone, under arms, stomach, groin and behind the knees. All of these areas where your lymph nodes are including many more throughout the body.

✅ * All hormones, nutrients, and waste products going to and from the cells must pass through the lymphatics. If the
lymphatic channels cannot remove toxins properly, no hormone is going to work optimally, and there will be deposition of waste products into the tissues.

✅ I always suggest you do our 30 day detox for maximum results.

⛔️ WARNING: ⚠️ Spiritual Junky or Dharma Tea Leaf does not assume any liability for any damage or injury that may result from the use of our products. When you purchase you agree to this liability. Please consult with your doctor before consuming any herbs or using topically. These products have not been approved by the FDA and are not meant to cure, treat or diagnose. Do not use if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have epilepsy before doing your own research. These products are not for children as none of our products are. Always do a skin patch test.