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Healing Certification Joshua Tree

$3,200.00 On sale

📅July 26-30 Reg Price $3700.00 On Sale for 3200.00 • No Coded Needed As It Is Reflected On The Price

Please Read Policy Before You Join. No sales code available for retreat. Affirm available for financing.

ABOUT ME:I am Yadira a Certified Reiki Master & Have studied different modalities with masters in their field. I’ve also studied health and wellness through my BS program and currently studying for my Phd In DNM Doctor of Natural Medicine.

I put this program together to prepare you for your sessions with all the knowledge and tools I have learned along the way. There’s is no other program like this. Everyone that has attended has raved about it. Jump on and don't miss out.

Come relax and learn Joshua Tree California

✅ For women only. Room is shared with other students. This I all community style and we all help cook (as in chopping foods )and clean.

✅ Vegan Food, Green Juices, and Teas are provided for you. No alcohol, animal products or cigarettes are allowed on in the home.

✅ We will have a release form upon arriving with rules that need to be followed. Breaking rules can get terminated from the program.

You can immediately start to offer sessions with other people based on everything that you learn. You will be taught how to do sessions in person, long distance or over zoom. You can start to charge depending on your comfortablity $50, $70, $100 or more or donation based.


•Reiki level 1 & 2 Tibetan Lineage certification and manual included. Bring notebook, pen & pendulum.
•You will learn chakra tuning fork basics: how to clear the chakra with forks in the energy field while listening to distortion in the energy field while also connecting & aligning the chakras. Manual is included forks are not included but we will provide some for the class.
•Element body work: working with the body & the elements ether, air, fire, water, earth+ Worksheets included.
• Energetic Communiation: how to become a mirror through Talk Therapy for your client so they can find the answers within
- Plant Journeying Day

• I will cover laws and insurance along with correct verbiage to use so you won't get in trouble.

Time: Arrive to the home at by 4pm. We will then get you situated and get started with learning.

- I will contact you in 48 hrs after you sign up to keep contact and send more information.

💥💥💥POLICY AND PAYMENTS: if you need to cancel due to an emergency we can only move you to a next class one time that is if we have a class. If we don't have one then we will have to offer online learning. No Refunds No Exceptions. When purchasing you agree to all policies and conditions.

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