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Carnelian Tumbled Stone


Meaning Of Carnelian

Carnelian captivates in much the same way that the flash of a fiery sunset or the first blaze of autumnal brilliance does. It symbolizes bold energy, warmth, and joy that lingers as much as it empowers and stimulates.

Carnelian’s meaning is known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation. This Sunset Stone has inspired and protected us throughout history thanks to their bright, rich coloring.

Ancient Egyptians called carnelians “the setting sun” or the “Sunset Stone” because its orange hues lend it more female, passive, receptive, qualities. The stone links to the rich and fertile menstrual blood of Isis, a major goddess in the old religion.

However, when the stone’s hues are redder, red-orange, and reddish-brown, it became an active male energy stone. It is traditionally worn to enhance desire, love, and passion as carnelian can help in these areas.

Benefits & Healing Properties

Carnelian is a healing crystal for a reason, it is able to heal the body, mind, and soul. Its properties and connection to the Chakras help us in various aspects of our lives.

Physical Healing Properties

Carnelian stones are believed to be great for balancing body energy levels, increasing coordination during physical exercise regimes, and as training aids. This is because Carnelian can help to stimulate the muscles and allow oxygen to flow smoothly within the body. The warm nature of the stone also helps to heal stiff bodies and allows you to feel “freer” and “looser”.

This special gem can also help to stimulate sexual energy and boost fertility. Therefore, if you are having difficulties in this area, consider using the Carnelian to give you a lil help in the bedroom.

Emotional Healing Properties

The Carnelian gemstone is also known as The Singer’s Stone because it promotes confidence in people performing on stage or in live media. For the timid and shy ones, use this stone to give you a push when speaking to an audience. For those with a job that requires much performance, Carnelian helps support you in your endeavors.

The Carnelian also called The Artist’s Stone by promoting energy flow and lets your creative juices flow. Paint, write, dance, sang, whatever it may be, the Carnelian is here to encourage and bolster your efforts.

Mind Healing Properties

Carnelian has the potential to enhance mental abilities and intelligence while providing relief from depression and anxiety. It can motivate individuals who are physically inactive and stimulate analytical thinking.

On top of that, it aids in learning, and memory improvement, and supports workaholics, competitive individuals, and those with perfectionistic tendencies. It can also assist indecisive individuals.

What Chakra Is Carnelian For?

The carnelian has a connection to three lower Chakras, the foundation of them all being Root Chakra. This is the Chakra that keeps us grounded and in balance.

The stone is also connected to the Sacral Chakra, and the crystal healing abilities of the carnelian include boosting listless attitudes and stimulating appetites.

The final Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Chakra that governs our personality, identity, and ego. It gives us our fighting spirit and thus the carnelian will support us in whatever obstacles we face.

Other Benefits

Carnelian stones are also said to be magnets for prosperity and good luck. It’s often used by people when they need a healthy dose of good fortune, making this a lucky stone. Because it also functions as a crystal of ambition, determination, and drive, it’s believed that Carnelian helps protect the wearer from the sluggish energies of incompetent co-workers.