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Blue Lotus Herbal Extract


1 oz Blue Lotus Herbal Extract extracted. Made with Non-Gmo Glycerin & Purified Water. • 1:4 Ratio

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This herb’s energetic medicine is that of moving stagnant emotional energies and it can be a potent remedy for stuck-feelings like depression and anxiety. Like the mythology it inspired, Blue Lotus is a wonderful tool for renewal of all sorts. The alkaloid compounds work as alkalizing, bitter agents, serving to move and detoxify our digestive and heart-centered systems. The water lily family, Nymphaeceae, is an ancient, ‘primitive’ family, so they carry information from time before the existence of homo-sapiens, reminding us of our essential nature. Since Blue Lotus induces theta brain waves, it can be helpful to use recorded affirmations or other reprogramming tools while ingesting.

⚠️ This product should not be used by individuals with diabetes, as it can lower your blood sugar levels.

🚫 Will not ship to the state of Louisiana. LA prohibits some varietals of Lotus flower species. Prior to ordering our Blue Lotus products, research on whether this product is prohibited in your State or Country is the buyer's responsibility.

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