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Blue Appetite


Healing Properties of Apatite

Apatite is believed to develop understanding, craft, and knowledge while also minimizing craving or hunger. Wearing this gemstone is thought to enhance concentration, consistency, judgment, recognition, and genuine affection. The recognition and genuine affection are aimed at everyone.

The secret to permanent pleasure is the energy that resides inside. The Apatite crystal aids in dissipating darkness by telling us that what is ahead and behind us is insignificant. It also assists in the recovery of transparency, brightening the way to expressing oneself. It also leads us to the path we need to manage the sensitive balancing within our hopes and poising maturity demands.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Because of its usual color, Apatite is considered a relaxing gemstone. Its connection with nature proves to be tighter and more vital compared with other stones. Thus, granting its bearer overflowing earthly energy. Such energy empowers an individual's willpower and determination.

It is also believed that whoever has an Apatite is emotionally stable because of its refreshing and relaxing color. Apatite can also help you attain a more mature emotional disposition towards matters you hate, which is beneficial, especially if you have difficulty dealing with such.

Overall, Apatite is a recommended gemstone for those who want emotional peace and balance.


What the mind thinks, the body does, and the mouth says. Apatite ensures that the mind does not lure itself into a deep, dark abyss. This stone also dissolves any negative idea or thought that the mind tries to process. Hence, anyone who holds an Apatite develops a positive mindset.

This fantastic crystal also nurtures brain cells. Experts believe that the greenness of this stone contributes to enhancing the total performance and function of the brain. It is definitely not surprising why many people have already fallen in love with Apatite. It is an all-around gemstone that is good for the mind and the heart.


Do you have problems with your bones? Is your metabolism succeeding as it should be? Do you want a healthy heart? Don't fret! If you answered yes to all the questions mentioned, Apatite should be the stone of your choice.

Apatite promotes bone growth and development. This stone enhances the human bone's ability to absorb calcium and other necessary nutrients to enrich and strengthen its structure.

On the other hand, Apatite encourages a smoother and timelier metabolism process in the body. As a result, you can achieve that goal of a beautiful body because it can excrete and release harmful toxins from within.

Lastly, Apatite gives its bearer a healthy heart. The positive energies coming from the stone are sent to its bearer through the Heart Chakra, then transfers the essences and creates a shroud of protection around the core.


This stone will increase your spiritual harmonization and spur your psychic abilities. It will also enhance your meditation experience and aid you in all aspects of communication. This stone can help you equate to a higher degree of spiritual direction that is challenging to attain.

Apatite also purges the soul from any impurity. This particular property of Apatite is indispensable for people looking to take a foot forward in spirituality. Without a pure spirit and a clean conscience, it is tough to venture into the spiritual realm.

Additionally, Apatite protects an individual from evil spirits that may try to cause harm or destruction.

Wearing Apatite

As a gemstone, Apatite has a long and complex heritage. Apatite is distinguished from other stones by its provenance and usage.

Wearing Apatite as jewelry is the simplest method to enable it to impact your physical and mental health. Apatite comes in a variety of hues, each of which corresponds to a different bodily component. If you prefer not to wear gems, putting them in your handbag or pocket will suffice.