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Blood Cleanser Tea


Image of Blood Cleanser Tea

All Blends Are Made Fresh With Organic Loose Leaf Ingredients.

1Tsp Per 8oz Of Hot Water.

βœ…34 Servings Per Container .
🌟 $.65 per Cup!

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Consumption.

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- Stinging Nettle Leaf
-Dandelion Leaf
-Burdock Root
-Dried Orange Peel
-Ceylon Cinnamon

Stinging Nettle

β€’ Helps In Detoxification
β€’ Improves Blood Circulation & Blood Cleansing
β€’ Lowers Systolic Blood Pressure & Relieves Tension & Stress Which Leaves Us Sympathetic In Our Cardiovascular System.
β€’ Acts as a Blood Builder
β€’ Beneficial To The Endocrine System
β€’ Contains Vitamins C,K1,Iron,Vitamin B, Calcium and Magnesium

Dandelion Leaf

β€’ Natural Diuretic
β€’ Parasite Cleanser
β€’ Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels
β€’ Treats Anemia
β€’ Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth
β€’ Cleans Liver And Blood Which Balances Hormones


β€’ Highest Concentrated Source Of Plant Based Iron [Iron Fluorine Not Oxide Which Many Conventional Doctors Recomend To Patients
β€’ Increases Sex Drive
β€’ Blood Purifier
β€’ Calms The Central Nervous System
β€’ Binds Toxins To Eliminate From The Body
β€’ Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

Burdock Root

β€’ Eliminates Toxins from Bloodstream
β€’ Anti-Inflammatory
β€’ Shown to Soften Hardening Arteries
β€’ Anti-Cancer
β€’ Improves Blood Sugar Levels
β€’ Natural Source Of Inulin Which Is a Probiotic Koop
β€’ Strengths Lymphatic System
β€’ Contains Electrolyte Potassium Which Works By Relaxing Blood Vessels Preventing The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

Dried Orange Peels
β€’ Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, & Vitamin B
β€’ Improves Oral Health
β€’ Fights Fatigue
β€’ Anti-Allergenic

Ceylon Cinnamon:
β€’ Reduces Risk of Diabetes
β€’ Antimicrobial Helps Fight Bacterial Fungal and Viral Infections
β€’ Anti-Inflammatory
β€’ Helps Improve Blood Impurities
β€’ Treatment In Arthritis Pain

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