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5 E-Book Bundle


If you are NOT someone who like to read long books because you want to get to the point and start the works then this is FOR YOU and yes it is even for those of us who love to read long books.

They all come with a check list and resource cheat sheet to help you put what you learned to work! 5 E-books in this bundle.

Start with one ebook and apply it for 2-3 months then move on to the next one. You have years worth of focusing on this bundle alone if you use one ebook for self-help every 2-3 months.

When your purchase please look out for the email as each book will come in its own separate email. Make sure you download and save it and save the email incase you need to download it them again.

Join my Patreon and you can get all of them for $5 and I have other ebooks + I just uploaded one today. Copy and paste link here to join or grab them here for 12.22

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