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Soursop Tea


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Soursop Tea Leaves. 2oz

Many Practitioners of Herbalism Use Soursop Leaves Which Is a Rainforest Plant That Has Contributed To The Natural And Traditional Medicine Traditions For Centuries, Many Claims Of The Fruits Anti-Cancer Properties Have Attracted The Most Attention Worldwide. It Has A Wide Variety Of Health Properties From The Bark To The Bloom Of Its Fruit Along With Its Potency Of Its Leaves.

All Blends Are Made Fresh With Organic Leaf Ingredients.

Organic Ingredients : Wild Harvested Soursop Leaves From Jamaica

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Consumption.

Disclaimer: This Statement Has Not Been Evaluated By the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is Not intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease.

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Soursop Benefits:

-High in Antioxidants
-Used As a Sedative As Well.
-May Help Fight Bacteria and Inflammation.
-Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
-Treat Stomach Aliments,
-Treat Hypertensions, Rheumatism,Respiratory Conditions.
-Supports Nerve & Joint Pain.
-Promotes Healthy Cell Growth.

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