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Nutrition Reading


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❇️What is a Nutrition Card Reading?
A nutrition card reading is done using a card deck that is based on nutrition to nourish you whole self, renew your relationship with food and intuitive inspiration about eating. I will also use other oracle decks to tap in energetically that maybe health decks or spiritual decks.

❇️What is a Chakra Reading? A chakra reading is by a trained energy healing professional that can use different techniques to check if you chakras are in balance and which ones are not to give you a better idea of where you have a blockage and how to get it moving with food or energetically.

🚫What this reading is not: it is not medical advice, or prescribe the use of any techniques as a form of treatment. Please see your doctor for medical advice. These readings are for educational purposes.

❇️You get tow options

✅1 Card Pull: I pull one card for you

✅3 Card Pull: I pull 3 cards for you. 1-2 cards are based on nutrition and the others maybe from another deck for deeper guidance + you get a chakra reading to what chakra are in or out of balance.

❇️All cards reading options
-Over zoom
-On instagram: I will DM you and send you photos of your cards and use audio voice message on IG to read your message

✅Instructions: please add your instagram name in the notes section when you check out from payment so I can send your reading over.

✅If you want over zoom then please copy and paste this link which will take you to my calendar to book you reading.

➡️Spiritual Junky has invited you to book your next appointment on their booking site.

⚠️Allow 72 hours for your reading if you choose over instagram.