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Miswak Toothbrush


Image of Miswak Toothbrush
  • Image of Miswak Toothbrush

♻️Biodegradable, disposable instant 'toothbrush' that thoroughly cleans, protects and even whitens your teeth.

🦷 Optimize your oral and tooth health with the toothbrush that grows on trees and has been widely revered for thousands of years for this very purpose in the Middle East. The root of the miswak tree (Salvadora persica) not only replaces conventional toothbrushes, it also replaces toothpaste and mouthwash and it releases its own soft antibacterial sap as you use it.

✅Furthermore, unlike standard toothbrushes miswak will not create striation marks or indentations into the enamel of your teeth so they will also feel cleaner too. The miswak stick has the following properties: Antibacterial, Astringent, Detergent, Anti-inflammatory, Significantly plaque inhibiting, Enhances salivation, Fights caries, Provides nutrients for healthy bone and tooth development.

✅Directions: you can use a knife or scissors to scrape the sides. Once it's scrape it you want it to create the bristles. After you're done using it for the whole day you can cut the bristles off and repeat the process to use it again.