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Aug Womens Healing Circle In JT


✅3 Nights 4 Days In Joshua's Tree CA ( Affrim Available )
🥗Light Lunches and Dinner Included
✅We all help each other cook and keep the place clean

☀️This is great time to get away and enjoy the desert while going deep within to open up the heart and release. To have deep inner connection with your inner god self. When we are in a place of full love we are able to have a better perspective and release the baggage we carry from the past:

🌙This has been life changing for me which is why I have these circle for women only to create a safe space. I normal offer these healing journey circle for Energy Healing Certification Retreats as I believe every practitioner should have this experience to be giude themselves and clients.

☀️Now I'm extending out to you as a weekend getaway to enjoy the amazing peaceful shift so pack your bags and let's go! Bring relaxing clothes and something nice for photos
If you like some cool memories. You can bring a journal, Oracle cards, crystals, sound bowls, etc.

🛏️ Everyone gets their one bed. If you are coming with a friend please share the bed and send me DM on IG to let me know so we have more room for others to join.

🖊️ You will have to sign a release form before we start. You can not be under any medications in order to journey or have any psychological or mental health issues. This will be mentioned in the release from.

🚗 Many times the properties only allow 2-3 cars therefore we may have to carpool. Please keep that in mind as may have to coordinate carpool depending on who is coming from where.

Time: Arrive to the home at by 4pm. We will then get you situated. If I get the home a day before I will let you know so you can arrive before 4.

- I will contact you in 48 hrs after you sign up to keep contact and send more information.

💥💥💥POLICY AND NO REFUNDS: No cancelations. If you can't make it please don't book it as NO REFUNDS will be given. We will not book another home and purchase more medicine for one person who can not make because it will cost too much to accommodate one person and many times the medicine is not available. also most people cancel last minute and it makes it hard to fill your spot since it can take 3 months to fill your spot therefore a spot is lost.

Spiritual Junky does not assume any liability for any damage or injury that may result from this event.